Pubbet 19: Dr Oddie Puppet with Suit & Tie Outfit

Pubbet 19: Dr Oddie Puppet with Suit & Tie Outfit


Pubbet 9: Dr. Oddie is a full-featured puppet character just waiting for you to give him a backstory and personality!  He turned out great and we love his unique look and personality!
He has beautiful blue foam-backed fleece skin,piercing blue eyes, black ostrich feather hair and big bushy eyebrows! He's also got an official Muppet Whatnot nose and a hand-made Pubbet Suit & Tie outfit.


* Hand-made using all new materials: Polar fleece, clean polyester fill, plastic eyes, cotton fabric and plastic ribbing.
* Our Pubbet bodies are made from a 'tube' of articulated foam that holds it's shape and keeps the puppet light and cool to use for extended periods.
* Poseable fingers using an internal wire structure.
* High quality clothing that can be removed and replaced.
* Official Muppet Whatnot nose.
* All Pubbets have a strip of velcro along the bottom of the body, so you can easily add lower body add-ons. We'll have these for sale early next year!


Height: 45 cm 
Arm length: 25 cm
Body width: 25 cm
Body height: 22 cm
Head width: 22 cm
Head height: 19 cm
Weight: Approx. 600 gram


10% of all profit goes to our charity program that actively supports disadvantaged kids in our chosen home of South East Asia. You can read more about this at


Every Pubbet comes with an info sheet and Official Certificate of Adoption! You can have the certificate sent with blank info so you can fill it out later, or I can print your details onto it.

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