FIXER UPPER: Girl Pubbet with long hair. Dress is slightly too small

FIXER UPPER: Girl Pubbet with long hair. Dress is slightly too small


This is a 'fixer upper' Pubbet that would be perfect for someone with basic sewing or craft skills.

The puppet is based on our original 'fat body' puppet design, so the outfit is slightly too small. It would be quite easy to fix but this puppet is at our Thailand office and not at the workshop in Vietnam.

She has orange foam-backed fleece skin, beautiful long brown synthetic hair and a cute hand-made red pinafore and white blouse outfit. 
She has official Muppet Whatnot eyes,with green eyelids a blue hand-made Pubbet nose and our usual hand-made quality overall. 


* Hand-made using all new materials: Polar fleece, clean polyester fill, plastic eyes, cotton fabric and plastic ribbing.
* Poseable fingers using an internal wire structure.
* High quality clothing that can be removed and replaced.

Height: 45 cm 
Arm length: 25 cm
Body width: 25 cm
Body height: 22 cm
Head width: 22 cm
Head height: 19 cm
Weight: Approx. 600 gram


10% of all profit goes to our charity program that actively supports disadvantaged kids in our chosen home of South East Asia. You can read more about this at


Every Pubbet comes with an info sheet and Official Certificate of Adoption! You can have the certificate sent with blank info, so you can fill it out later, or I can print your details onto it. You can even choose your own Pubbet name if you like.


Please note that these are hand-made puppets. Each one is unique and there may be slight imperfections such as loose threads or messy hair. Every listing has ACTUAL photos of the puppet that you will receive. 

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