Update from our sponsored child, Gradthaii

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Thank you for sponsoring your child for the past academic year. Please find attached your child’s report, photo, collage and questionnaire.
As we prepare for the beginning of the new academic year starting in May, please reply and let us know if you would like to continue your sponsorship.
The cost of sponsorship has not been reviewed for 5 years and during this time the prices have increased greatly.
One more factor in the large increase of the sponsorship is the exchange rate with Thailand. This has resulted in approximately a 20% drop in value of the exchange of currencies.
Preschool is 10, 000 baht or  $312 US per year. This covers all food, stationary, uniforms and books.
Thank you so much for giving your child an opportunity to study. We appreciate all of your support.
Thanks again.
Barbara and Margie

I’m hoping that we can start generating some income ASAP so that we can sponsor Gradthaii for another year of education.

If you‘d like to support them directly please check out www.handtohandpattaya.com

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