Update from Hoi An, Vietnam

I arrived safely in Da Nang after an uneventful flight on Tuesday 8 January. Linh from the workshop was waiting to pick me up at arrivals with Pubbet #1! What a cool surprise. I was grinning ear to ear!

I’ve really missed that little guy and he’s been sent from factory to factory over the last few months trying to find the right place to make him.

Mrs Hui (who runs the workshop) showed up and drove us to Hoi An. They took me to the old town and we sat on the riverside and ate dinner surrounded by beautiful lanterns. It was Very nice!

But... no time to dilly dally. We have puppets to make!

During dinner we finalised a lot of decisions for the production of Pubbet #1 which started on Wednesday 9 January!

They’re going to dissect Pubbet #1 first to create patterns and recreate him as accurately as possible. It will be sad to see him dismantled but it means we’ll have an identical reproduction.

The workshop has started making the yellow hoodie jackets and white t shirts and also startEd on the first separate Pubbet outfit, which will be a suit jacket, shirt and tie set (2 variants).

How exciting!

This has worked out far better than I had originally planned when I first started this crazy project🙂

Regular updates will be coming. Big love to you all for waiting so patiently ❤

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