Update 28 December 2018

Hi everyone!

A quick update for 28 December 2018. 1. Fabrics for the skin, mouth, tongue and clothing have been ordered and paid for.

2. The plastic resin eyes are in transit from China. 3. The purple ostrich feather hair is in transit from China. 4. I am finalising the fabric to be used in our first Pubbet outfit - a Suit, collared shirt and tie set (sold separately and will be available at 50% off for all Pubbet #1 Indiegogo preorders). 5. I've booked and paid for my flights to Hoi An and will arrive there on 8 January. At this stage my return flight is 2 April so I am planning to stay a few months and work almost full-time on Pubbets. Long term I'd like to move there semi-permanently but need to sort out schooling for my daughter etc. 6. I'll be meeting with a freight forwarding company to automate future Pubbet online orders, but the first few hundred Pubbets (including all of the Indiegogo pre-orders) will be sent manually by yours truly 🙂 I'm very excited and itching to get things started! Just a few weeks until we finally start making our Pubbets! I'll be sending out small shipments as they're finished every few days and updating with videos and pics (probably far too often) 😀 James

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