The Pubbet Upgrades

Some shots today from the workshop.

Here are the improvements made to the original Pubbet shown during the Indiegogo campaign last October...

1. Better quality materials

2. Better quality clothing

3. All Pubbets made by hand and quality checked at each step of production

4. The nose is now seamless

5. The feather hair is now embedded and sewn into the head for durability

6. Better poseable fingers using our proprietary design.

7. All felt pieces have hand-applied foam backing

8. Shorter neck

9. Slightly less stuffing in the head so you get more expression from the puppet

10. Better mouth featuring strong but pliable rubber and better finger grips

11. Shorter arms to make the puppet easier to use with arm rods.

In addition to all of that, I’ve spent the waiting time working on 2 Pubbet outfits which are sold separately, a Pubbets carry bag and set the framework for our free Pubbets Academy online training portal!

I’m so excited to ship these to you later this month! 🙂❤️

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