The final countdown..!

Pubbets are coming! Are you ready?

Hello Pubbet friends! 

It’s with great joy in my heart that I write this update.

After a long and decidedly rocky 6 month road since our campaign ended I’m very happy to announce that the first batch of Pubbets is all but finished. 

I was at the workshop today and helped out as much as I could. My sewing skills aren’t very good but I’m not too bad at putting things into bags and testing puppets.

I’m so happy with the handmade feel that the Pubbets now have. The sample that I used for the indiegogo campaign was mostly machine made, and he looked great but felt a little like a stuffed toy without much expression.

Each one of our new Pubbets is slightly different; one may have dimples while another has a slightly more pronounced smile. All of them are wonderful! 

All 50 of the bodies/skins are finished and we just need to finish stuffing the last 20 or so before they’re shipped to our freight forwarder in Hong Kong before being sent on to you.

I’ll be working alongside the team in the workshop till they’re all ready and shipped. You’ll receive a shipping email with tracking code as soon as your Pubbet leaves the warehouse.

Let me close by saying a heartfelt THANK YOU to every single one of you for being so patient and undertsanding through all of the delays and setbacks. 

Good things come to those who wait, and I can’t wait to see your Pubbets out in the wild and bringing happiness wherever they go.

PS: I apologise for the recent email campaign. Some people contacted me to say that it was overkill and intrusive. 

In future I’ll try to include some more value in the mailouts so it doesn’t feel too spammy.

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