Pubbets business update

Hi everyone!

I'm here in Da Nang, Vietnam until the next batch of Pubbets are ready for shipping.

We are on track to finish the Indiegogo pre-orders in the next week or two. So far there have been a few delays while waiting for the right materials to arrive.

I did a last minute update to the puppet bodies which is a huge improvement on the original design and makes the puppets lighter, cooler to use for extended periods and overall much better looking!

We've upgraded the hair for Ellie-May so it will be a brighter yellow and thicker. Sam has also been given an upgrade to his vest. He now as a stylish dark blue hand-made vest instead of the original 'carseat cover' type material. I think you'll agree it looks pretty good! I've even ordered a matching outfit in my (jumbo) size!

We've sent another contribution to our charity partner in Cambodia and Kim Ny is doing some incredible things there for the local people. He not only provides free education and healthcare for local kids that are living in poverty, but he also provides support to elderly, disabled and disadvantaged adults in the village too.

Take a look at this short video that I put together showing some of the work that's happened in the last 6 months...

I have a few surprises coming up that I will share once the new puppets are ready for sale. I think you'll like what's in store for Pubbets!


Papa of Pubbets

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