Pubbet Evolution Pt 1

I’ve been dreaming of this project for the last few years, so wanted to make sure that Pubbet #1 was the best quality puppet that I could produce.  This process started years ago, but I started to dedicate all my spare time to the Pubbet #1 design in June 2017. 

The first prototype was way too big! You can see a picture of it here.

I wanted to make the Pubbet #1 similar in size to the Avenue Q puppets. The original workshop in Wuhan followed my design, but it turned out to be way too big for practical daily use. 

Now prototype #1 is in my office as a piece of Pubbets history! He still doesn't have eyes or a nose but I'm working on a blinking eye mechanism that will bring him to life.

From left to right: Muppet Whatnot retail puppet, Pubbet prototype #2 and Pubbet prototype #1 (The big purp!)

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