Pubbet #1 Hoodie

Hi everyone! We’ve finished the first lot of Pubbet hoodies and all 50 of them have a limited edition design embroidered on the back.

The first 44 are going to our Indiegogo pre-orders so that means I’ll have a handful left for sale. Send me an email at if you‘d like one!

The first standalone Pubbet outfit is almost ready and it’s a super cool suit abd tie combo in two different styles. More photos once they’re finished!

We have hit a snag with the Pubbet #1 body fabric because we received the wrong shade of orange. You can see the colour we need on the right and the actual fabric received is on the left...

We’ve already organised a return and the correct fabric should arrive in 7-10 days. I’m planning to send out the Indiegogo preorder Pubbets every few days as they’re finished and they’ll be sent in order as the pledges were received.

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