Hand to Hand Foundation Newsletter June 2019

Updated: Nov 13, 2019


This month has been a month of tremendous blessing as we have had many  companies and individuals donating new and used items to help support  our work in Pattaya.  We've had a lot of donations of used clothing and  household items from people who have left the country and they are  distributed as quickly as they come in.  If you have any unwanted items  including clothes, furniture, household items cleaning equipment or  basically anything at all please feel free to pass it on so we can find  new owners.


This month we have been reading the Old Testament and learning how God  gave us the  authority to do powerful things in His name and  we've been  learning how much God loves us.  We have 2 new air conditioners which  makes us cool as we worship and pray.

Anti Human Trafficking

Hand to Hand participated in the march against human trafficking which  raised awareness about this issue in the local Chonburi community.  We  also attended a meeting with many other GO's and NGO's where we had the  opportunity to share strategy, build relationships and celebrate successes.

English Class

We've been having lots of fun with Miss Barbara and Mr Colin during our  Saturday English classes.  Our older students have been learning lots of  vocabulary needed for their soccer training and our younger students  have been concentrating on their numbers, colours and basic vocabulary.


Our football team is going from strength to strength and we've had a few  new members join this month.  We are very grateful to all our coaches  who give so freely of their time and expertise. We practice every  Saturday at the Palladium football grounds which is just round the  corner from Hand to Hand.  The cost of renting these fields is 900 baht  per week and if you'd like to help out with please contact us.  We are  very thankful for the 100's of football boots we have received but right  now our cupboard is bare as we have given them all out.  We have many  more children waiting for football boots so if you any boots of any size  new or used we can definitely find new owners.

Fraser's Sports Bar

A huge thanks to Fraser's sports bar who cook delicious food for us every  Monday.   The food is delivered hot and yummy so we can fill our  tummies.  A big thanks to all the staff at Fraser's sports bar who look  after us.

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