29 January 2019 Update

Hello! Vietnam celebrates their new year holiday soon and the whole place has a very festive air, with many people looking forward to a 10-12 day holiday.

Our workshop in Hoi An is closing from 31 January to 11 February so there probably won’t be any updates during this time.

Now for some great news, and this has been a long time coming!

We finally have all the pieces together to start production of Pubbet #1!

The (correctly coloured) orange fleece arrived yesterday along with the blue fleece for his nose. We have 1500 pairs of our beautiful Pubbet eyes and the purple ostrich feather hair is also ready to go!

The Pubbet #1 outfits were finished last week and we also have 24 pieces each of our two suit and tie outfits. Thanks to Damon for being the first Pubbet Person to buy one of each set!

I’ll be going to the workshop every day during production to help out and keep an eye on quality control, so expect lots of updates starting after 12 February

Happy New Year from Vietnam!

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