22 January Workshop Meeting & Brainstorming Session!

Hi Pubbet people! I met the workshop team for a dinner meeting tonight and to talk about the Pubbets Project and our progress so far.

The main points covered were:

1. The first 50 Pubbets are earmarked for the Indiegogo preorders and the remaining 5 or 6 will be used for donations or promotional giveaways etc...

2. The outfits are done! 50 adorable little yellow fleece hoodies with the exclusive ‘first edition’ embroidery are sitting here along with the white t-shirts.

3. The eyes and hair are ready.

4. The fabric for the bodies and noses has been forwarded to us from China and should arrive at the end of this week.

5. After the production sample/patterns are made with the new fabric I’ll inspect the end result and give approval for production to start.

6. IMPORTANT: Vietnam shuts down from 1-10 February for their annual new year holiday.

This includes our workshop, so we will need to be patient and let the staff enjoy their time off 🙂

7. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to get the production sample made and approved before the holiday shutdown. Then we can start production on 11 February when everyone is refreshed from their 10 day holiday.

8. The first separate Pubbet outfit (suit jacket, shirt and tie in 2 variants) are ready for sale and I’ll be preparing the site for that tomorrow. You’ll love them! The quality and style is beyond my expectations! ❤️

Now for some fun ‘brainstorming’ stuff 😀

1. The Pubbet #1 default outfit (hoodie and t-shirt) is a unisex design and the puppet could quite easily be modified to be a female character (using a hair piece, eyelashes and outfit).

2. We will look into suppliers for female hairpieces/wigs so we can put together a female outfit set (hair, outfit and eyelashes). That way the Pubbet #1 owners can easily change the puppet character.

3. We also discussed the possibility of making a female Pubbet using light pink fabric for the body, along with the aforementioned hair, eyelashes and outfit. I like this idea and we are going to work on a sample soon! 🙂

4. We talked about other outfits: police officer, long sleeved shirt and vest, fairy dress with wings, school uniform etc..

5. Screen printed t shirts: One of my previous jobs back in 1992 (!) was a t shirt designer. I think it would be fun to make quirky little Pubbet t shirts in limited runs.

Heres the short version:

* Pubbet #1 first run (50 limited editions) will start production after the Vietnam New Year holiday ends on 10 February.

* The first separate Pubbet outfit is ready for sale and will he added to the site tomorrow night. 2 variants and 25 of each will be available.

* Production was delayed due to receiving the wrong shade of orange fabric but the replacement should be here by the end of this week.

More updates soon!

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