22 January 2019 Update

Hello! I’m now settled into my little studio apartment here in Da Nang and have been exploring the local neighbourhood.

I was enjoying a breakfast bowl of noodles in front of the apartment block a few days ago and received a delivery from our workshop which is about 35 minutes away: The Pubbet #1 Limited edition hoodies! That was a nice start to the day.

I‘ve inspected them and they’re beautifully made. I can’t wait for you to see them on your Pubbets!

The purple ostrich feather edging has arrived but we’re still waiting on delivery of the correct coloured fleece to make the Pubbet bodies and noses. The original order was wrong and we’ve had to get a replacement.

We are hoping it arrives before the end of January so we can start making the bodies ASAP.

The separate suit and tie outfits will be finished soon and anyone who’s preordered a Pubbet will get a special discount if they‘d like to add this extra outfit to their order.

I’ve contacted a web developer here in Da Nang with the view to launch a totally revamped website in June.

In addition, I’ve also connected with a video production company here that will be making a series of short video ads for Pubbets. These will be used for promotion after the indiegogo orders have been fulfilled and we have enough stock to fill new orders.

As usual, the kind people that saw my vision and lended support by preordering a Pubbet in the indiegogo campaign last September are my first priority. Love you guys!

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