13 January 2019 Update

Hoi An is a really beautiful place and I’ve thoro enjoyed getting lost and wandering around the winding and colourful little streets.

So far I’ve only been able to remember a few simple words: hello, thank you and sorry.

Luckily many people here can speak basic English.

The workshop has been busy making the Pubbet #1 outfits and we are still waiting on delivery of the orange fabric for the bodies and purple feather edging for the hair.

I’ll be moving to Da Nang on the 15 Januarywhich is the major city nearby Hoi An. Hoi An is fantastic to visit but I think it’s essier to get around Da Nang and there’s more to do there too.

Da Nang is also where most of the staff live so I’ll be able to get a lift with someone to the workshop in Hoi An quite easily.

I found out that the workshop can do machine embroidery, so the first 50 Pubbets off the production line will get this cool design embroidered on the back of the jacket!

More updates soon!

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