10 January 2019 Update

Day 2 in Hoi An was very busy.

I went to the workshop in the morning and met all of the hard-working and happy staff there. It was lovely to meet them all face to face and see the big smiles everywhere!

The team were busy at work making the clothing for our first order of Pubbets; the yellow hoodie jackets and white t shirts.

In the building next door there was another work area set up to make our first Pubbet outfit (sold separately) which is the very cool suit, shirt and tie set in two different colours.

We are still waiting for the orange nylex felt for the Pubbet bodies, so Pubbet prototype #1 hasn’t been dissected yet.

All of the staff were very friendly and I took the main staff out for lunch at a local restaurant To say thank you for their hard work.

We enjoyed some delicious food and also finalised some details for Pubbet #1.

The first fifty Pubbet #1’s will now have a special limited edition hoodie jacket that will have a special embroidered design on the back! I’ll upload the design to show you soon.

Tomorrow I’ll be apartment hunting but will update if there’s any news.

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