Pubbets Cares About Kids!

One of the main reasons for starting Pubbets was the desire to create extra income to help disadvantaged children in South East Asia. Everything we sell helps to supports the I See I Do charity in Takeo Province, and the Kevin Levrone School in Siem Reap,  Cambodia. Whene you buy one of our Pubbets you'll be helping a child get a better start in life! 

Pubbets has also supported The Iceman Charity, The Camillian Home and the Hand to Hand Foundation in the past. 

I See I Do Project


The I See I Do Program is based in Takeo province and the founder, Kim Ny, is doing incredible life-changing work at the sprawling farm and charity commune that he has singlehandedly setup.

We are now sending monthly donations to help sponsor children in need and to support the refurbishment of the I See I Do school which provides free education to the local children. 

Kevin Levrone School


The Kevin Levrone school project was established in 2020 by David Bryant and his wife Som Noy. They saw a need to provide education to children from the local area and set up a school centre close to their home.

They are constantly upgrading the school and doing special projects for the students, such as volunteer teacher visits, haircuts for the kids and providing emergency relief for local people. 

David and Som Noy have a funding link where you can donate to them directly here

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